Zlatibor – The Mountain of Golden Pines

Zlatibor, 238 km from Belgrade, is situated in the southwestern region of Serbia at 700 – 1.500 m above sea level. Its highest peaks are Tornik (1.496 m) and Cigota (1.422 m). Zlatibor is a famous tourist center all year round with the longest tradition in tourism among all the mountains in Serbia since the official visit by king Aleksandar Obrenovic in 1893. when the region received its name “The king’s waters“.

There are two artificial lakes on Zlatibor. The bigger lake is in Ribnica on the river Rzav and the smaller lake is in the very center of the tourist settlement of Zlatibor. The lakes are surrounded by pleasant walkways and benches for the guests to rest. In summer the guests can bathe and sunbathe and in winter skate on the frozen lake surface.

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How to Get There?

It is 220 km from Belgrade by the main road towards Montenegro. There are regular coach lines to Zlatibor from all bigger towns in Serbia and Montenegro.

Places to Visit

Sirogojno and Gostilje, ethno villages in the vicinity of Zlatibor, are true attractions. Staro selo a museum of traditional architecture in the open air in Sirogojno takes us back to the 19th century.

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