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Top destinations: Belgrade, Novi Sad, villages and ethno villages, spas, salas estates, monasteries, fortresses and castles, archaeological sites, natural attractions, ski centers, mountains, nature reserves, rivers and lakes.

How to Travel to Serbia?

How to travel to Serbia?

Sport in Serbia

Novak Djokovic, Tennis, Partizan, Red Star, VK Partizan, Water polo, Basketball, Football.

History of Serbia

History of Serbia through centuries

Culture & Art of Serbia

We believe that alphabet the Serbs use as well as their music will attract Your attention.

Others About Serbia

Serbia is famous for its warm hospitality

People of Serbia

Serbian is very friendly and warm welcome to all people from all around the world.

Serbian Proverbs

Serbian proverbs

Why Visit Serbia?

It is quite easy to answer this question:Serbia is one of the most interesting new destinations.It is situated in the very heart of Europe and has so much to show and offer. There are still many new places to discover for those who have already seen part of it.

Basic Information of Serbia

Official Name
Republic of Serbia

88.361 km2

Geographical location
Serbia is situated in the central part of Balkan Peninsula in southeast  Europe. Serbia is the crossroads of all major routes between Europe and Asia.

Moderate continental climate with more or less distinctive local characteristics. There are four seasons with gradual transition. Hot summers with an average temperature of 30oC and cold winters with an average temperature of 5oC.


Capital City
Belgrade with a population of 2.000.000 inhabitants. Commercial, administrative and cultural center of Serbia.

Official language

The official scripts in use are Cyrillic and Latin alphabets.

Time Zone
GMT +1


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Famous Recipes in Serbian Cousine

Serbian Proja Ingredients – 600 g corn flour, 200 g grease, 5 eggs, 1 cup cold milk, salt. Instructions – Put some flour in a bowl, add salt at taste, some lard, five whole eggs and one cup of cold milk. Mix the ingredients for ten minutes and if needed, add some more milk so that the mass becomes more watery. Grease the baking pan, put […]

Useful Information for Your Visiting in Serbia

Official language in Serbia is serbian. Most people in Serbia speak or understand English whilst fewer speak or understand German and Russian. The people are kind and helpful. In case you speak Serbian – you will feel like at home. Mobile Operators In Serbia there are three mobile operators: MTS – Mobilna telefonija Srbije Telenor VIP Health Care Health care institutions, that is, hospitals and clinics […]

Important Information You Should Know Before Visiting Serbia

Passports and Visas Foreign nationals visit Serbia with valid passports and visas issued at diplomatic or consular missions of Serbia abroad: Citizens of the following countries do not need to obtain visas: a) Nationals provided holding all types of passports for a max. 90 day stay: Andorra, Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Belarus, Bolivia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Canada, Chile, Czech Republic, Costa Rica, Croatia, Cuba, Cyprus, […]

Important Things You Should Know Before Investing in Serbia

Serbia is a land of new business opportunities in the very center of Europe. Family Paunovic offers to the potential investors the possibility of a joint venture for the construction of the tourist board facility (farm) in the village Grgeteg, municipality Irig on Fruska Gora. Land is located directly on the Fruska Gora National Park, only 200 meters from the Monastery Grgeteg – 16th century. Monastery […]