Valjevo – A Town Enveloped by Mountains

Valjevo is a town in western Serbia, in all directions encircled by mountains of Maljen, Povlen, Jablanik and Medvednik. The oldest traces of humans inhabitating this area were found in a cave in Petnica, while Valjevo was first mentioned as a settlement in 1019, under the name Gradac. This cultural and administrative center of the Kolubara County would not fall under historical spotlight until the First and the Second Serbian uprising. It was the execution of dukes Aleksa Nenadovic and Ilija Bircanin in 1804 that provoked Serbian people and ignited their desire for freedom.

Valjevo today is best known for its beautiful picnic sites, well-developed countryside tourism, its surrounding monasteries and other guardians of Serbian history. But we must not forget numerous plum trees or raspberries, those succulent treats that grow around the town like nowhere else in Serbia. Also, for over two decades now, this town has been hosting a well known jazz festival.

Cultural and Historic Sights

Tesnjar (18th and 19th century), Knez Milos street (19th century), Vojvoda Misic square, Desanka Maksimovic square, The National museum of Valjevo (1870), Muselim’s residence (18th century), The Nenadovic tower (19th century), The „Ljubomir Nenadovic“ master library (1868), The Lelic monastery, The Celije monastery (18th century), The Pustinja monastery (13th century), The Jovanja monastery (15th century), The village of Bebica Luka (19th century).


Saint Sava’s race (January), “The golden folk shoe” – a folklore festival (April), Jazz fest of Valjevo (May), The International children’s festival of folklore dance (May), The May dialogues of Desanka Maksimovic in Valjevo-Brankovina (May), The Raspberry days in Brankovina (June), St. Peter’s days in Valjevska Kamenica (July), The Povlen rally in the mountains of Valjevo (July), The evenings of Tesnjar in Valjevo (August), The floot festival of Serbia in Lelic (August), The Plum fair in Osecina (August), The Mushroom days in Divcibare (October).

Valjevo Surroundings

The closest and the most visited picnic site of locals is Petnica, where the famous fishing lake of Pocibrava can be found, as well as a modern sports and recreational center with four outdoor swimming pools. Aside from Petnica, in Valjevo surroundings, there are the villages of Brezovice, Bukovica, Deguric, Kosilje, Milicinica, Podbukovi, Pricevic, Stave, Suvodanje and Valjevska Kamenica.

The river Gradac is one of the wonders of Valjevo with its picnic grounds of Livadice, Ploce, Anatem Kriva vrba, and a special attraction, the watermill of Sava, who was the first Serbian vampire. There is also Divcibare, a widely recognized spa resort located on the Maljen mountain. This spa has a 100 years long tradition and it is a place where people flock in search of rest and recreation.

And finally, something that simply must be seen, Brankovina, the cradle of the notable Nenadovic family and a famous poet Desanka Maksimovic. Also, don’t forget to pay a visit to numerous monasteries scattered around Valjevo.

Discover Valjevo – a town enveloped by mountains!