Tara Mountain

Tara (1.000 – 1.200 m above sea level) is one of the most beautiful mountains in Serbia with preserved neverending fir woods and fascinating vast areas with over 1000 species of medicinal herbs. It is covered by dense woods with clearings and meadows, rocky cliffs, gorges and caves. It is the home for over 153 bird species and diverse flora. Pancic’s Spruce is a unique specie found only on mount Tara. Varied landscape and preserved vegetation have enabled survival to many animal species such as brown bear, chamoise, grouse, golden eagle etc.

Tara offers ideal conditions for an active holiday. In winter the guests can ski on its tracks at 1.000 m above sea level. There are two ski lifts, one for children and beginners (150 m long) and the other for recreation skiers (450 m long). During summer season guests have at their disposal facilities such as arranged beaches on the lake, excursion boats, outdoor swimming pools, 10 km long walkways whilst athletes and sportsmen can make use of 1.6 km long trim track, a football pitch and outdoor courts. Some other activities can be practised such as going for a walk along the canyon, bike riding, sailing on the lake, fishing, rafting and photo safari. One can also visit its monasteries or travelling by «Sargan Eight» (narrow-gauge railway), visit the Tarabics’ house (family of prophets known as Serbian Nostradamus family).

The woods, canyons and shores keep traces of prehistoric, antic, Roman and Byzantine cultures. Parts of Serbian medieval inheritance are the Raca monastery (13th century), old tombstone necropolis in Perucac and Rastiste.

Dinaric log cabins on shores of the river Drina represent a unique folk art. The river with a lake near Perucac are abundant in all sorts of fish.