Sremski Karlovci – The Baroque Town

Sremski Karlovci, the “Baroque City” on the slopes of mount Fruska Gora and the right bank of the Danube is one of the most important spiritual and cultural centers of Serbia. During the rule of the Austro-Hungarian Empire in the 18th and the 19th century it was the religious and cultural center of Serban people. Since 1713, Karlovci is the seat of Serbian Archbishopry.

The town of Sremski Karlovci is 10 km away from Novi Sad. It is well-known for good wine cellars and exquisite and delicious world wide famous wines with a 17 century long tradition. In some wine-cellars it is possible to taste the wines and the most famous wine-producers are families Kis, petrovic, Bailo and Zivanovic. We particularly recommend Bermet wine, famous dessert wine produced from medicinal herbs and spices along with home-made dessert “kuglof”. Every September a grape manifestation is held in Sremski Karlovci, it is a must.

Cultural and Historic Sights

The Archbishop Residence – it was erected in 1894. at the initiative of Serbian patriarch Georgije Brankovic and according to plans by architect Vladimir Nikolic. The palace has many icons, portraits of Serbian church dignitaries, old books and objects from past centuries.

The St. Nicolas Church – Present church guards two important relics, the miraculous icon of the Holy Mother with infant Christ, work of unknown Russian author from the 14th century and the holy reliquary with remains of St. Arsenije Sremac, the second Serbian archbishop and disciple of St. Sava, the biggest Serbian enlightener.

Karlovacka grammar school – the first Serbian high school founded in 1791 by metropolitan Stefan Stratimirovic and a merchant Dimitrije Anastasijevic. The high school is a true monument to Serbian education and encloses a modern library of 18.000 precious volumes.

Seminary – founded in1794 by metropolit Stefan Stratimirovic. It has worked as a college since 1914.

The fountain of the four lions – symbol of Karlovci made according to the project by Italian architect Giuseppe Aprili, honoring the end of construction of the first town plumbing. There is a legend saying that a person who drinks the water from the fountain will return to Karlovci to get married.

Catholic church of “Holy Trinity” – erected in the 18th century it is well-known for its beautiful gates and engravings.

The Chapel of Peace – erected in 1817, as a symbol of the world-known Karlovci Treaty between Turkey on one side and the Holy Alliance on the other.

The house of famous Serbian poet Branko Radicevic.

Sremski Karlovci Surroundings

Strazilovo – a traditional picnic site.

National Park Fruska Gora – Beside a beautiful landscape there are 16 Orthodox monasteries scattered around this park. The landscape is embellished by viniyards which dominate the slopes.

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