Sombor – The “Evergreen” Town of Horse Carriages

Once a bordering settlement, and a “town of soldiers”, while today referred to as “Ravangrad” (“flat town”), Sombor is spreading over the north-western part of Vojvodina, close to the border with Croatia and the river Danube. Its nickname is a consequence of the flat area Sombor lies on. But, 18.000 tress and 120 kilometers of alleys, filled with sounds of horse heels, made it famous for its greenery and unforgettable horse carriage rides. It is a fact that in the 19th century Sombor had a horse carriage service, and even today visitors can enjoy the ride in the one remaining carriage cruising the streets of Sombor.

According to its inhabitants and impressions formed by visitors, this town has a character, a soul and aroma. It is a town that preserved all the charm of history while becoming a fusion of old and new ways, a synthesis of tradition and newly adopted customs.

Cultural and Historic Sights

The “Milan Konjovic” gallery (1966), The “Karlo Bijelicki” town library, The Sombor town museum(1945), The Sombor National theatre, The “Laza Kostic” art centre, The “Zupanija” (1808) where the biggest oil painting in Serbia can be found (4x7m), The St. Stephen monastery, famous for the rare Serbian-Byzantine style (1938), The “Graslakovica” palace (1763), The St. Ivan Nepomuk chapel, The St. George church, and many other cultural monuments.


The international refinement fair (January), The Sombor theatre marathon (June), The international tennis tournament (June), The “Somborski kotlic”, a fish stew competition (July), The “Sombor summer” (August), The international beekeeping fair (August).

Sombor Surroundings

In a town that looks like as if it was built right in the middle of a forest, it is not hard to find a place for picnics, leisure activities or simple rest. Apart from the trees, its famous greenery and unavoidable horse carriages, visitors can spend their time in 16 „salas“ settlements scattered around Sombor. Also, a large area of woods, that can be found nearby, represents an ideal hunting and fishing terrain.

Discover Sombor – the “evergreen“ town of horse carriages!