Smederevo Fortress

One of the biggest fortresses in Europe.

Smederevo Fortress lies on the right bank of the Danube, at the confluence of the Jezava and the Danube rivers. It was erected between 1428 and 1430 during the reign of Despot (title for Serbian rulers after the battle at Kosovo) Djuradj Brankovic. His intention was to make it the seat of the civilian and religious government.This Fortress represents the most monumental military edifice in Serbia and one of the biggest medieval fortifications.

Its main purpose was the defense against Turkish attacks. When the Turks conquered it in 1459 it was the end of Serbian medieval state. Smederevo became the capital of Smederevo Sandzak, an important strategic stronghold and a trade center.

The Danube, the Jezava and Petijevski brook gave the Fortress its triangular shape dividing it into two parts the Small Town and the Big Town. Most of the towers are on te wall facing the land. Small Town is a specially fortified ruler’s court surrounded by water whilst in the Big Town there is a complex which consists of Archbishop’s residence and residential area. Small Town is surrounded by six towers and on one of them stands an inscription about Despot Djuradj and the time when it was erected. Big Town is surrounded by nineteen towers.

The towers are 11 m wide and 20 m high and once were protected by cannons. In 1480. the Turks built one tower on all three corners as well as a tower in the middle of the town wall.

The Fortress of Smederevo is an interesting place and for its history and architecture definitely worth visiting.