Nova Varos – A Town on a Mountain

Nova Varos is a little town in south-western Serbia. It emerged as a settlement in the 16th century, under the Zlatar mountain, and today it remains surrounded by many pearls of nature. But these natural attractions are not all Nova Varos is famous for. Namely, delicious food such as the legendary Zlatar cheese, ham, home-made brandy and hospitality of its people is what this place is all about.

As the main symbol of Nova Varos and its surrounding area we have to mention the Griffon Vulture. This bird is a true natural rarity and a protected species that enjoys its freedom in the nearby canyon of the river Uvac.

Cultrural and Historic Sights

The Holy Trinity church (1869), Mosque (1894), The church in Kucani (1832), The church in Bistrica (1833), The church in Stitkovo (1867), The Dubnica monastery (18th century), The “Kajmakama” – the town library building (1909).


The International youth sport games, Wolf hunting on the Zlatar mountain (February), Boat race down the river Uvac canyon (June), Village olympics (July), The Zlatar cheese festival (August), The Zlatar Jeep festival (September).

Nova Varos Surroundings

The Zlatar mountain is a true unexplored paradise. It is a place of mediterranean mountain climate and a home to crystal clear lakes, encompassed by pine and birch trees. Zlatar rises above four mountain rivers of Lim, Uvac, Milesevka and Bistrica. The whole mountain with its rivers is an extremly attractive hunting and fishing destination. The river Uvac is where three artificial lakes can be found. These are the Zlatar lake, the Radoinjsko lake and the Sjenicko lake. All three can be proud of their exceptional beauty and all three can be labelled as perfect camping and picnic sites.

Discover Nova Varos – a town on a mountain!