Nis – European Crossroads

Nis lies on the crossroads of some of the major Balkan and European roads that connect Europe to Near East, and therefore is, for centuries now, considered to be the gates between the East and the West. Nis was for the first time mentioned in documents under the name of “Via Militaris” in Roman and Byzantine period, while in the Middleages it was known as “the Road to Constantinople”. Nis is well-known for its hospitality and delicious food.

Cutural and Historic Sights

Mediana – a royal estate in the outskirts of the antic Nis dating from Roman period (4th century), Fortress – the best preserved Turkish fortress in central Balkan erected in 1723. on the remains of Roman Naissus, Cele kula (The Skull Tower) – a unique monument with skulls of Serbian rebels built in its walls by the Turks as a reprisal after the battle on Cegar, The monument dedicated to the liberators of Nis – 1937.


Traditional Film Encounters, “Nisvil” Jazz Festival, “Nismonia” Music Festival, “The Days of Burek” (burek – national cheese pie made from thin layers of dough and a cheese filling).

Nis Surroundings

  • Nis Spa Center – it is situated only 10 km from Nis at the foot of mountain Suva. Suitable for rest, holidays and excursions. It is very much visited because of its mineral water springs and healing climate.
  • Sicevo Gorge – a protected natural phenomenon, an attractive 17 km long canyon of the river Nisava.
  • Jelasnik Gorge – a special 2 km long natural reserve with waterfalls.
  • Cerjanska cave – 14 km from Nis, near Cerje village, at 515 m above sea level, with karst gems in its underground halls such as stalaktites, stalagmites, stone curtains, pillars…
  • Bajanine waters and Kamenicki peak – places for skiing and sleighing.

Discover Nis – the European crossroads!