Monasteries of Serbia – Serbian Spirituality

Monasteries are of the most important cultural and historical value in Serbia. They were built between the 12th and the 17th century. They are mostly situated in the area from the Fruska Gora Mountain to Morava and Ibar Valley and Kosovo.

Architectural features of the monasteries display unusual diversity. The monasteries are widely known for their sculptural ornaments, frescoes, icons, written books, and numerous works of applied art.

Medieval monasteries have been the centers of spirituality of Serbian people for a very long time. Their frescoes and icons are important cultural and historical heritage of Europe and the World. The Stari Ras with Sopocani complex, Visoki Decani Monastery and Studenica Monastery are well-known UNESCO World Heritage sites.

Meet monasteries of Serbia…

Studenica Monastery

Mother of all Monasteries

Zica Monastery

Monastery of the first Serbian King Stefan

Sopocani Monastery

Frescoes monastery Sopocani top of fresco painting