Majkin Salas

Majkin Salas is located on the Palic. The property extends on 20 hectares.
Old Salas estates in Vojvodina are the center of life where people gather and enjoy in a shot of local brandy, domestic music, and traditional dishes.

In the restaurant gourmands can enjoy in potato pie “krompiraca”, veal with domestic pastry and cheese, chicken stew, salas beans, sheep stew with cabbage, pork hoofs, roasted duck or fish soup. Gourmets will find on the menu the famous Vojvodina’s cake “domestic strudel”, compote, gomboce… In addition to this there is a great offer of the domestic wines, home made brandy of quince, apples, or plums.

Good atmosphere is enhanced by the music group “Neven”. This property includes carp pond, swimming pool, sports courts and horse stable.
Its surrounded by orchards and small acacia trees. Various festivals organized on the Salas offer guests new knowledge or simply are the reminder of the former life and customs of the people who lived in this region.

Visitors can also attend “Backa svinokolj” and see how the locals prepare domestic pates, kulen sausage and a special meet dish “cvarke”. This is only a small part of the rich offer on Majkin Salas.