Latkovac – An Enchanting Village in the Heart of Serbia

The ethno village of Latkovac perfectly fits the beautiful landscape of Serbia’s heartland. It is situated in the northwestern part of Aleksandrovac area, and in addition to four households, it includes a barn and a stable. This village radiates a special and magical atmosphere, which is, above all, related to its long and interesting history. One of the houses is 200 years old, meaning the village persevered and endured many tests of time. It has survived both world wars, having many respected artists, winemakers and craftsmen as its dwellers.

The captivating surrounding area of Latkovac is best known for premium quality wines. A large number of wineries and wine tasting activities promise a special experience spiced up with old fairy-tales and legends about Slavic gods.

Aside from relaxing in picturesque accommodation, guests may participate in household chores or enjoy workshops and lessons about traditional Serbian craftsmanship. Positively charged hosts will, in the spirit of Serbian folklore, create a calm and magical environment. This is a village that will through the scent of its fields and the flavor of delicious food, awaken all senses.

But the rich historical and cultural heritage is not what Latkovac is all about. Its breath-taking surroundings make it well worth visiting. Clean mountain waters, fresh air, therapeutic herbs and wild game, generate an ideal destination for hiking, recreation, sport activities and hunting.

Latkovac is a village that encourages charitable activities. Within the village, there is a souvenir shop, whose entire profit is dedicated to the Association of developmentally delayed people of Aleksandrovac. The items are manufactured by the children of this association.