Brus – A Snow Covered Village

Brus is nestled among snow-capped peaks of the Kopaonik national park, between the rivers of Rasina and Grasevac. This village is an air spa that reaches the altitude of 429 meters. Amazingly, it spends 200 days a year covered in snow.

Throughout history, the biggest advatage of Brus was its extremly attractive geographical position. Thousands of years ago it was marked on maps as a significant crossroad. This was largely confirmed by many archaeological discoveries of ancient Roman settlements, towns, fortifications and churches dating from the latter Christian era. New settlers were always attracted to its wine-growing soil, thick forests and an apparent mining potential, for the mining colonies of Kopaonik were the center of the coining business.

The rich historical and cultural heritage of Brus is demonstrated through the monasteries of Lepenac (15th century) and Milentija (14th century), through the medieval town of Koznik, the stone-engraved temple of Metodje (3rd century) and the Preobrazenje church (1836).

As far as natural attractions are concerned, its location on the Kopaonik mountain says it all. Visitors are welcomed to enjoy the benifits of numerous thermal and mineral water springs, clean air, and are given the opportunity to explore and enjoy wild areas in Brus surroundings.

Recreational activites can be practised at every step, whether on sport fields and swimming pools, or outdoors, while skiing, hunting and hiking. Climbers will find the Pancic peak (2017 m) utterly interesting, while those less extreme can rest in the tourist centre of Brzece. Aside from the centre, quite a few old watermills can be found lined up along the Brzece river. Visitors should make sure to attend the annual manifestation dedicated to St. Method (July the 3rd) and the “Kopaonik” art colony that takes place every year in Autumn.