Apatin – A Hunting and Fishing Oasis

Apatin is situated in the north-western part of Vojvodina, right beside the left shore of the river Danube. This little town is a perfect example of Vojvodina’s multiethnicity, for it is a home to many ethnic groups and to people of Serbian, Croatian, Hungarian, Romanian and other nationalities. When speaking about Apatin, its exceptional buildings certainly stand out, especially churches that are a beautiful sight for any eyes.

Its rich fishing waters and famous hunting grounds are attractions that truly capture interest and attention of any visitor, accompanied by habitats of the Danube deer and other game. Besides, it is not without reason that images of the deer proudly decorate “Jelen pivo” (“deer beer”), a famous product of Apatinska brewery.

Cultural and Historic Sights

The Town hall (1909), Apatinska brewery (1756), Church of Holy Apostles, Church of the Exaltation of the Holy Virgin Mary, The Heart of Jesus church, Ethno exhibition in Prigrevica, Ethno exhibition in Kupusina, the “Saran” national house.


Fishing nights of Apatin (July), “Licki viseboj” – traditional sporting and chivalry games, The festival of wine in Sonta (September).

Apatin Surroundings

For a long time Apatin has been considered a well-known fishing center. A natural habitat “Gornje Podunavlje” represents a natural spawning area for more than 50 species of fish, but it is home to 280 bird species as well. This habitat borders the “Drava – Danube” national park on the north, and together with the park and the ”Kopacki rit” habitat, forms a large area of untouched nature. Apatin and its surroundings, are an ideal spot for cycling enthusiasts, while during summer, the beautiful Danube offers many beaches for sunbathing and water sports.

Those who are more attracted to food and drink tasting or simply would like to avoid having an active holiday, should definitely visit the “Junakovic spa”, the “Hardas“, “Stuka“, and “Plava ruza“ restaurants.

Discover Apatin – a hunting and fishing oasis!