Zrenjanin – a Town Surrounded by Rivers

Zrenjanin, once known as Beckerek , is situated in Serbian part of middle Banat. The whole area of the Zrenjanin municipality is the most dense fluvial system in Europe, where many rivers flow: Begej, Tamis, Tisa, Karas, and Danube-Tisa-Danube canal.

Entire Zrenjanin with its city core and architectural structure represents a unique place. A building that simply must be visited is the castle Kastel, that can be found in nearby Ecka, a place only 9 km away from the centre of Zrenjanin. That castle is incarnation of former glamour, where beside a hotel and a beautiful park, a gallery of the most famous painters of Serbia can be found.

Cultural and Historic Sights

Town hall, built in 1816, restored in 1887, Financial palace, today known as National museum, built in 1894, Theatre, built in 1839, the oldest theatre building in Serbia, Courthouse, built in 1908, Cathedral, the cunstruction started in 1864 and was finished in 1868, “Bukovceva” palace, built in 1905, Old „Vojvodina“, built in 1886, Highschool, built in 1846, reconstructed in 1937, “Uspenska” church, built in 1746, the oldest church in town, Little bridge, built in 1904, the oldest bridge in town.


“Hardworking hands of Banat”, “The beer days”, “Muf+Voban” and “Old timers fest”.

Zrenjanin Surroundings

Within the territory of Zrenjanin municipality there are the rivers Tisa, Begej and Tamis. Those rivers and their banks are perfect picnic sites, such as Bobotovo near Elemir and Botos on the river Tamis.

Near Zrenjanin there is a famous spa resort “Rusanda”, a place fit for rehab and leisure activities, while beside the spa there are islands of Okanj and Ostrvo, known as fishing areas.

In Zrenjanin surroundings, more precisely near Ecka there is the famous “Carska bara”, that is Emperor’s pond, a protected natural reserve, commonly referred to as “Stari Begej – Carska bara”. This pond is one of the biggest ornithological stations in Europe, which makes it ideal for photo safari and the whole pond is suitable for recreational fishing.

Discover Zrenjanin – a town surrounded by rivers!