Vlasinsko Lake

Green meadows, pastures and woods rich in flora and fauna attract the visitors. The characteristic of this region flora are rare species in danger of extinction such as drizzle and some sorts of birch. Here, rare bird species such as grey heron, crested duck and others can be spotted.

If speaking about mountains that sourround the lake, Cemernik and Varednik are particularly outstanding. Natural attractions, healing climate and mountain silence make this place ideal for stay all year round.

In this region, there are important cultural monuments of ethnographic values such as monastery in Palja, churches in Bozica, Klisura and Crna Trava and the tower in Klisura.

Its altitude (1213 m) and surface (16 km2) make it the biggest and the highest artificial lake in Serbia.

Vlasinsko lake is situated in south-east Serbia, within the municipality of Surdulica, 30 km from the valley of South Morava to the west and towards south from Serbian-Bulgarian border.