Village Ljubis – In Which You Fall in Love

Welcome to Ljubis

Ljubis is 15 km far from the centre of Zlatibor. Ljubis is a place in the municipality of Cajetina in Zlatibor district, one of the biggest villages around Zlatibor which is located between peaks of Murtenica, Borkovac and Jasenovo.

An average height above sea level is 850 m (the lowest part is 810 m, while the highest is the peak of Borkovac about 1000 m). Ljubis has a central part (the centre) and small hamlets Gornji Ljubis and Donji Ljubis.

Rich and heterogeneous flora is a characteristic of the village, especially medicinal herbs, mushrooms and forest fruits. The river Ljubisnica is passing through the village. There is a fish-pond of rainbow trout. Our famous poet Ljubivoje Rsumovic was born in Ljubis.

In the village old houses can be seen, of which some are in ethnic style. Hosts are working hard to return the old shine of the village and seriously are involved in ethnic tourism welcoming and saying goodbye to the tourists from the region and other parts of the world.

Regional specialities of the village Ljubis are honey, smoked ham, domestic brandy, lamb, veal, cooked cabbage in earthen pot and other traditional meals which when you try once you will be always coming back to the village. You will experience famous Serbian hospitality and you will be able to have a rest as never before. You will be waking up in the morning with the sounds of lambs and in the evening lots of stars from the sky will be tucking you in.

Nearby the village there is a village Gostilje in which there is a waterfall worth visiting.