Tiganjica – A True Gem of Banat

The ethno village of Tiganjica is situated in Banat, the eastern part of Vojvodina, about ten kilometers away from the town of Zrenjanin. It is placed at the very entrance to the Carska bara natural reserve, and in an imaginative way paints the picture of life in Banat.

This ethno complex was built in the old “Banatian” style, and contains exact replicas of traditional Banatian houses. The complex has a total of six rooms, equipped with restored antique furniture. It is known for a big Banatian windmill, a beautiful park with floral alleys, ethno sculptures, and, of course, the “Trophy”, a restaurant that served as architectural basis for Tiganjica’s placement and image.

The “Trophy” is a local favorite restaurant for wild game fine dining with an authentic hunting atmosphere. At the restaurant’s entrance, there is an open and decorated fireplace, where culinary masterpieces such as barbeque meals, fish dishes, stews, wild game entrees, and even home baked bread are being prepared.

Tiganjica features a mini zoo, a charming artificial habitat of roosters, peacocks, does and ducks. But the trademark of the complex is Misa the bear, who, 13 years ago, under unfortunate circumstances, lost his mother. Misa was instantly adopted and grew into the zoo’s beloved chief star.

As it is a part of a natural reserve, Tiganjica makes an attractive relaxing and leisure site. Refreshment can be found within a bathing resort, near the bridge of Zabalj. Even closer to the complex, there is a renovated sandy terrain, surrounding a lake and resembling a seaside resort. For those who prefer being active, there are horses available for riding.