Sremska Mitrovica – Ancient Capital of the Roman Empire

This town, once known as “Sirmium“, and today as Sremska Mitrovica is situated in the south-western part of Srem, alongside the river Sava and the Fruska gora national park. They used to call it „the glorious mother of all cities“, and indeed, Sremska Mitrovica is the most glorious town in Srem, for it is a place where many Roman emperors were born. It is with the establishment of tetrarchy, that this antique pearl emerged as on of the four capitals of Roman Empire and reached its golden age.

Today, the uncovered and still hidden archaeological artifacts of Sremska Mitrovica attract many visitors and represent exceptional traces of history under the open skies of Srem and Serbia.

Cultural and Historic Sights

Within Sirmium there are: Emperor’s palace, an antique palace with hot baths, Sirmium’s granary, a monumental Roman bath, remains of Roman wastewater system and Jupiter’s academy. Apart from Sirmium there are: The museum of Srem (1885), The “Gligorije Vozarevic” library (1886), The „Lazar Vozarevic“ gallery (1973), The „Dobrica Milutinovic“ theatre, The “SIRMIUMART” cultural centre (1971).


The rhetorics festival “Sirmium lux verbi – Sirmium the light of words” (June), The Song of Mitrovica festival (November), The “Srem folk fest” international festival (August), The Mitrovica summer, The “Savstok” guitare festival, The Jazz festival, The “Lazar Vozarevic” art colony, The Watermelon fest in nearby Sasinci.

Sremska Mitrovica Surroundings

The Fruska gora national park with its trees, beautiful peaks and numerous monasteries, is definitely the number one picnic site around Sremska Mitrovica and an ideal spot for leisure and recreation. Zasavica, a nature reserve abundant with rare animal and vegetative species, stands out as a true jewel of intact nature. The woods around Sremska Mitrovica are an exceptional wild environment, swarming with big and small wild animals that attract hunters of all continents. And, of course, there is the river Sava, suitable for fishing.

Discover Sremska Mitrovica – ancient capital of the Roman Empire!