Serbian Spas

Serbia is one of the richest spa regions in Europe. More than 1.000 springs of cold and warm mineral water.

Spas in Serbia are an ideal place to restore your spiritual and physical energy. There are over 1.000 springs of cold and warm mineral water and rich natural resources of natural mineral gas and medicinal mud that were once exploited by the ancient Romans.

Spas in Serbia are situated in pleasant valleys or hill slopes surrounded by woods, pastures and orchards, cultivated parks and promenades. Modern accomodation facilities, sports areas, parks, swimming pools as well as many manifestations are part of quality tourist offer.

Vrnjacka Spa

The queen of Serbian tourism

Soko Spa

A 170 years long tradition of Soko spa

Spa Kanjiza

Kanjiza is a spa of excellent reputation and long tradition

Spa Koviljaca

Healthy from Roman time

Ribarska Spa

Oasis of health

Prolom Spa

A spa with highly therapeutic water

Niska Spa

A warm-water spa that provides comfort and ease to all people