Soko Town

Soko Grad is a fortress in western Serbia, a region which was for many centuries under foreign rule. The Turks eventually handed it to prince Mihajlo Obrenovic in 1867. Soko Grad is one of the last bastions of Turkish rule and their domination in Serbia and at the same time one of the most notorious places of torture of the Orthodox population. It was called «The Sultan’s Bride».

Nowadays, Soko Grad is in ruins. There are remains of walls and towers and a cross that was built on a plateau in the very fortress. There are ten stone chapels built along the road from the monastery up to the platform with the cross. One of the Ten Commandments is written on the walls of each chapel.

At the foot of the town and near the spring of the Sokolska river, there is a monastery dedicated to St. Nicholas. Today it is the biggest monastery after Hilandar (7000 m2) with a library, many hotel rooms decorated according to the monastic standards, waterfalls and a lake. The river is teeming with trout, so a fish pond, a watermill and a fountain with mountain spring water were built here.

Besides paying a visit to this historical site, visitors can enjoy hospitality of the local residents and traditional specialties such as Sljivovica, milk cream and cheese. Here, it is possible to practise many sports activities, particularly trekking.