Smederevo – City of Grape and Wine

“Smederevska Jesen”, a cultural, artistic and sporting event, honoring grape and wine, takes place in Smederevo, every year during the grape harvest. Old Serbian crafts, tales, beliefs and customs are presented there, as well as Svibor program for Serbian Knights’ Tournaments.

Cultural and Historic Sights

The Smederevo Fortress – situated on the right bank of the river Danube on the confluence of the river Jezava into the Danube. In 1427, after his crowning, a ruler named Djuradj Brankovic starts building the new capital. The fortress was built between 1428. and 1430. and represents one of the biggest medieval fortified cities.

Church of the Assumption of the Holy Virgin (15th century) – It is believed that at the beginning there was a family church and tomb of Serbian ruler Djuradj. Next to the church is a tomb of Dimitrije Davidovic “the father of Serbian journalism”.

Karadjordje’s mulberry tree – In the center of Smederevo, on a vast plateau, grows an about 300 years old Karadjordje’s mulberry tree. Just under its treetop a fortress commander Muarem Gusa handed the keys of the city to Vozd Karadjordje. The old oak was given the present name in memory of that event.

The Obrenovics’ Villa – Just a few kilometers from the city center there is the former summer residence of Serbian ruling dinasty the Obrenovics.


“Smederevo poetry autumn“, “Days of Nusic“, “Source of living word“, “The poet of my people“, “Cultural summer of Smederevo“, “Graphic art colony“, “Smederevo fall”, a big economy and tourism related manifestation.

Smederevo Surroundings

  • Jugovo – The biggest and the most popular place for relaxing and leisure activities under open skies. There is a river close by, lots of trees, sport terrains and a swimming pool.
  • Veslacki – A long path near the Danube with a tennis court.
  • Salinacki bageri – A venue suitable for sunbathing, situated in the village of Salinac near Smederevo.
  • Dama uz Jezavu – A picnic site at the outskirts of Smederevo.
  • Pionirski park – Central park of Smederevo.

Discover Smederevo – the city of grape and wine!