Skiing and Snowboarding in Zlatibor

Spatious plateau Zlatibor is situated in the southwest part of Serbia with the average height of 1000 meters above the sea level. It is surrounded by heights Tornik (1496 m), Cigota (1422 m) and many others. Zlatibor is a mountain of exceptional beauty, spacious clearings with many mountain brooks. The mountain was named Zlatibor because of pine trees shining even under the snow (Zlatibor – Golden pine).

The Tornik ski centre is situated 1110 to 1490 m above the sea level, 9 km away from the tourist centre. Renovated and enlarged ski tracks (Cigota, Tornik, Ribnica and Zmajevac) newly built up-to-date six seat ski lift and other ski lifts make Tornik ski centre a top-quality centre, which attracts all categories of skiers.

The ski lift with 300 skiers per hour capacity, has the speed of 5 metres per second, 99 seats and is 1650 metres long. It starts from 1111 metres above the sea level and climbs just under the peak of Tornik, to 1485 meters. The “anchor” ski lifts have 1200 skiers per hour capacity so the total capacity of the centre is 5400 skiers per hour.

Seven-day ski pass for children 3.700 dinars and for adults 5.850 dinars

Features of the Ski Centre:

Vertical drop of 1100 m; Highest peak 1495 m; Ski tracks total: 7000 m; Ski lifts total: 3; Easy tracks total: 1; Hard tracks total: 1; Maximum height difference: 373 m; Longest track: 2500 m.