Skiing and Snowboarding in Divcibare

The town of Divcibare is situated 980 metres above sea level and has a mild climate, rich flora and fauna, abundance of streams and water as well as suitable terrain configuration. Nearby heights and gentle bends are covered with snow for at least 3 to 4 months per year. All this makes Divcibare equally attractive both during summers and winters.

Crni vrh, a 850 metres long ski track with a two-seat ski lift with 1200 skiiers an hour capacity, is also within its winter tourist offer.

A spa resort can as well be found in the central part of Maljen mountain. As of this winter, skiiers will be able to reach the longest ski track on the north slope of Crni Vrh using the two-seat ski lift. The starting point of the ski lift is at the Pepa Hotel. The track is 800 metres long and being well lit during nights, allows the luxury of night skiing. Three smaller ski tracks, up to 300 metres long, are located at the Zmaj Resort, at Stevan Filipovic Resort on Golubac and at the Stra┼żara height.

The Divcibare valley has excellent ski tracks for nordic skiing. Ski equipment can be rented and serviced in hotels and resorts and there is a ski school open every winter. Well maintained walkpaths and mountain tracks are longer than one kilometre and it takes 30 to 45 minutes of leisure walk to cover the distance. All the tracks are visibly marked and their start is in the town centre going towards the moutain peaks Paljba (1.051 m), Velike pleci (1.037 m) i Crni vrh (1.096 m).

Divcibare is an ideal place for rest and recreation. It is the right choice for families with children, for the people who would like to escape hectic city life and for those who would like to spend their holidays in peace and quiet.

Marketplace on the mountain is a very busy place where you can buy the famous Divcibare kajmak (a dairy dish), delicatessen and brandy aged even up to one decade for only 300 dinars.

Ski-pass costs 350 dinars during daytime and 450 dinars during nights.

Features of the Centre:

Vertical drop of 900 m; Highest peak 1095 m; Ski tracks total: 850 m; Ski lifts total: 1; Medium-sized tracks total: 1; Maximum height difference 195 m; Longest track: 850 m.

How to Get There?

Divcibare is situated 38 kilometres southeast from Valjevo. If coming from Belgrade, use Ibarska magistala (Ibar highway) via Divci and Mionica (117 kilometres).