Senta – A Little Town on the River Tisa

In Vojvodina, on the very shore of the river Tisa, lies Senta, one of the oldest settlements in the province. A turbulent history and an attractive geographical position, made this little town a meeting and a clashing point of many cultures. And indeed, a battle that took place on the 11th of September, 1697 proves the importance of this settlement. The battle of Senta is one of the most significant events in European history, since it freed almost entire Hungary of Turkish chains. This victory finally ended Ottoman ambitions towards conquering Central Europe.

Today, Senta is an educational and cultural centre of that part of Vojvodina. It is in Senta that the oldest art colony of the province was established (1952), and the beauty of Senta is only emphasised by the fact that the town and its surrounding area are the biggest rose plantation in Serbia. However, while visiting or just passing through Senta, don’t forget to stop by the “Mojo” club, one of the most popular jazz and blues clubs in Central Europe, where more than a 1.000 musicians have performed so far.

Cultural and Historic Sights

Senta’s town hall, The old fire department building (1904), The “Royal” hotel (1911), The Parish palace with a museum (1909), St. Archangel Michael Orthodox Church (1762), The Stevan Sremac house, The house of old trades.


The battle of Senta 1697 – The International chess tournament, The Summer games of youths, The Creative workshop of Senta’s art colony, The Festival of brass-bands, The “Mojo Blues” festival, The “Rockabilly” festival, “The cup of Senta” – an international fishing and fish stew competition, The Town’s anniversary in memory of the Battle of Senta – The International hot air balloon meeting, “The days of Stevan Sremac”.

Senta Surroundings

The most favorite spot of local people is Tisa’s quay, situated not far from the centre of Senta, decorated in chestnut trees and perfect for long promenades.

The left shore of the same river is where a sandy terrain can be found suitable for rest and leisure activities. The river itself is exceptionally suitable for sport fishing, while its tree-covered shores are exquisite picnic and camping sites.

Discover Senta – a little town on the river Tisa!