Savinac – A Village of Healing Waters

This tiny village is located in central Serbia, only a few kilometers away from Takovo. Its name originates from a local legend about a Serbian saint. A long time ago Saint Sava passed this area, and according to the legend, the footprint of his horse is still visible and lies engraved into a stone.

Savinac is a village that certainly promises a pleasant vacation. While staying in local households, guests are welcomed to taste various kinds of cheese, delicious honey, home-made brandy and diverse traditional culinary master pieces. But, there are also the healing waters of the river Dicina, with two mineral water springs.

Although relatively small, this village carries a big cultural and historical gravity. It is a place where a Serbian duke Milos Obrenovic built his first church, dedicated to his late wife Ljubica. The church is the final resting place of a painter and poet Mina Vukomanovic, the daughter of a renowned Serbian linguist, Vuk Karadzic. Aside from the church, there are several other constructions, dating from the time of Milos, that are well worth seeing.

Each year in July, Savinac hosts the “Mina Vukomanovic Karadzic” art colony, an attractive event for all aspiring or already recognized artists.

Beautiful slopes, healing waters and the nearby Takovo, have made this village a favorite picnic site of many people. Savinac and its surrounding area, forge a perfect destination for hiking, bathing, hunting, fishing or doing absolutely nothing while enjoying the benefits of country life. After all, that is what country life is all about!