Sausage for a Guinness

The most popular sausages are one of the Turija and Leskovac, due to events in her honor. In Turija northern Vojvodina is held every year Kobasicijada, an international festival, and the main attraction is the giant sausages. Every year the event visit the tens of thousands of people a prescription are still jealously keeps. Every January you have good to try. Sausage every year longer and longer, .. for one meter every year and so mighty GUINNESS record keeping.

Leskovac, Serbia south of the old Serbian mecca of barbecue a specialty is grilled sausages, and it is in the barbecue festival given honorary place in the second week of September. Event visit more than 300,000 people and is a world phenomenon because it is amazing the amount of meat eaten.
For seven days, how long, visit the event more than 300,000 visitors from Serbia and abroad, and so makes the top tourist events in Serbia.

This event follows a series of large events such as fireworks, creating the largest hamburger for Guinness book records, competition in the fast eating of chilli pepper, numerous concerts known artists, events, What is the secret flavor? Sausage is made of pork or beef meat, spices, garlic and peppers, which give it specific and spicy taste. After the dime and a few months, but true gourmets know how to price its value, and wait.

Can be used in a lot of ways: dried, fried, boiled, in addition to other dishes … Try it in Turija or in Leskovac.