Rudnik – A Hiking and Climbing Paradise

Rudnik is a settlement surrounded by the Rudnik Mountain, a massif that dominates central Serbia. In the beginning of the 20th century, it was classified as an air spa. Translated into English, its name means “mine”, and there is material evidence testifying Rudnik was a mining colony ever since Roman ages.

In its womb, this mountain held large quantities of plumb, zinc, copper and silver, at the time used for forging metal coining. Virtually all rulers of the Roman, Serbian and Turkish empires, enjoyed health benefits of this area, and gladly kept building spa resorts all over this beautiful mountain.

In close proximity of Rudnik, there are Oplenac and Takovo, both places of great historical significance. The monasteries of Vracevsnica, Voljavca, Nikolje, as well as numerous sacred objects of Ovcar and Kablar all add up to the beauty of this place. A medieval settlement of Ostrvica, with the walls of the city of Jerina is a must-see. The area also nurtures conservation of environment through an eco community known as the Family of crystal clear streams.

Nestled into its green surroundings, it is an ideal place for all people that enjoy having active holidays. Nearby, there are numerous swimming pools, basketball, volleyball and football courts, and ski tracks. Following the “pathways of health”, tourists will be charmed with very old trees, diverse plant and animal life, medicinal herbs and forest fruits.

The pathways lead to water springs, peaks and observation decks that offer a magnificent view to the whole Serbian land. A mountain resort, accompanied with a forest house, provides perfect accommodation for passionate mountaineers, on their way to conquer the peak of Jovan Cvijic, which reaches the altitude of 1132 meters. The peaks of Srednji and Mali Sturac, Molitve, Paljevine and Marijanac are well worth conquering as well. This area is swarming with wild game, thus offering excellent hunting conditions.