Rivers in Serbia

The Danube – The River That Connects East and West

The Danube is the second longest navegable route in Europe. A unique nautical and adventurous experience, new knowledge, and diverse fun in an ecological surrounding are an irresistible challenge for the inquisitive ones.

Drina – One of the Most Beautiful Rivers in Europe

The Drina, a big, green, mountain river with rapids flows through beautiful mountain ranges, gorges, canyons and dense forests in western Serbia. Griffon vulture, deers, rabbits and even wolves can be seen along its course. There are mighty mountain peaks over 1000 m high along the canyon of Tresnjica, its confluent. Its characteristics attract extreme sport lovers. Its wild strength and beauty of its canyons offer the most beautiful experience and a unique attraction – rafting on the Drina.

Tisa – The Panonian Princess

The Tisa river is a river which is, in its clear waters, a home to a unique world phenomenon – The flower of Tisa or Palingenia longicauda. It is possible to enjoy one of the most beautiful natural phenomenons in the world that lasts only two days in early June. Thousands of yellow insects fly in fervor just above the river surface conjuring the creation of the universe. The Tisa flower lives for three years at the bottom of the river. It very well represents the essence of nature’s imagination, which is for only a few hours perfectly reflected in the passion of these delicate beings.

Canal Danube-Tisa-Danube – The Circulation of the Panonian Plain

Danube–Tisa–Danube is a unique system of canals ideal for tourism, hunting and fishing. Total length of the channel is 929 km. Its 664 km are navegable. In Vojvodina, 41 out of 45 communities lie on rivers, therefore cruising Vojvodina’s navegable canals is a special attraction.