Regions in Serbia

Vojvodina – Backa, Banat and Srem, Sumadija, Western Serbia, Eastern Serbia, South-east Serbia and Kosovo and Metohija.

Vojvodina – Backa, Banat and Srem

Backa – good wine and Palic vineyards, the rivers Danube and Tisa, towns of Novi Sad and Subotica, Kovilj-Petrovaradin marsh, Palic, Petrovaradin and Backa fortresses, Palic and Ludos lakes.

Banat – good wine and Vrsac vineyards, Vrsac mountains, towns of Vrsac and Zrenjanin, natural reserve Carska marsh, the river Tisa.

Srem Toscany of south east Europe. Good wine and vineyards, mountain range Fruska Gora with 17 Orthodox monasteries on its slopes and 14 lakes, special natural reserve Zasavica and Obedska marsh, Vrdnik spa.

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Many historical monuments, the Morava river; cities of Cacak, Smederevo, Arandjelovac and Topola; Bukovicka and Vrujci spa centers; Orthodox monasteries; wine cellars; Ravna Gora and Kusturica’s ethno village; rural tourism and famous hospitality of its people.

Western Serbia

Monasteries of Ovcar-Kablar gorge; mount Cer; Valjevo mountains; Azbukovica, Povlen, Koviljaca spa center, the town of Soko from 15th century. Stari Vlah – mountains of Zlatibor and Tara, Sargan’s Eight – old narrow-gauge railway, Drvengrad – ethno village by Emir Kusturica, Kremna village where the Tarabics lived (family of Serbian prophets), the Drina river, Koviljaca spa.

Eastern Serbia

Djerdap gorge, Lepenski Vir, Gamzigrad, Ravanica and Manasija monasteries with Resava cave, Rajacke Pimnice – wine production settlements since 18th century, Rajac village near Negotin. Jerma canyon, Vlasina, Fairy’s grove, Pcinja, Soko spa.

Southern Serbia

Stolovi mountain, vineyards of Zupa Aleksandrovacka, national park Kopaonik, Jastrebac, Devil’s Town – a world wide famous natural phenomenon, Vranje – the city of Serbian trumpet school, Nis spa, Prolom spa, cities of Krusevac and Nis, famous monastery Prohor Pcinjski, Vlasina lake and the region of Pirot with the river and monastery Temska and a gorge.

Kosovo and Metohija

The southern province of Serbia, the heart and soul of Serbia because of its history and large number of orhtodox monasteries. The word „Kosovo“ means the land of blackbirds (kos – blackbird). The word Metohija comes from the Greek word „metoh“ which means church estate. There are a lot of sights from Serbian past spreading across the area of Kosovo and Metohija. We would like to single out the most important: 13th century Pecka Patrijarsija Monastery, the old center of Serbian Orthodox Church, Gracanica Monastery, Visoki Decani Moanstery, 14th century Saint Archangel Michael’s Monastery. Take the UNIQUE privilege to be witness of history on the KOSOVO in front of your eyes.