Raspberries – The Red Gold of Serbia

Serbian raspberry is the highest quality, most delicious, and most curative ones!

Serbia holds the first place in Europe when it comes to production of raspberries and the second place world wide. Raspberry fields cover over 16.000 acres, and 8 % of the total global production belong to Serbian raspberry growers. All over the world, this famous Serbian brand has been highly awarded for its color and unique taste. Between 90 and 95% raspberries in Serbia are of the “North American Willamette” sort, and the same percentage is being exported.

Serbian raspberry is of the highest quality, has the premium taste and according to recent research, it is quite therapeutical! Certain components of the fruit have proven to be very beneficial in minimizing the conseguences of aging and in fighting cancer deseases.

Together with plums, raspberries dominate central and western Serbia, especially the Arilje area. This particular region is located in the very heart of Sumadija, and is famous for production of raspberries. Arilje is known for its vast green fields, the smell of raspberries, and the river Rzava, which is the clearest river in Serbia. Each household in Arilje culivates and grows this “red gold”, and in the center of Arilje, there is a statue dedicated to raspberries.

The fruit is successfully grown in Cacak and Valjevo surroundings as well. In Valjevo, more precisely in Brankovina, each June, a manifestation that celebrates raspberries takes place. It is interesting that locals of the village of Borac use the fruit in a bit unconventional way. Except for production of juices and marmalades, raspberries are included in physical therapy.