Prolom Banja – Your Health Spa Break

Prolom spa is situated in the south of Serbia, 550 to 668 meters above the sea level. The mild continental climate and abundant vegetation of the spa have a stimulating effect on a human organism by strengthening its resistance. That is why Prolom banja is a climate location. The spa has many springs of thermal and mineral water (temperature range: 26-31.5°C). The water is low mineralized and highly alkalized. Large number of minerals in traces make this water bactericidal and diuretic. “Prolom Water” has a pleasant taste with no aroma, so it is recommended even to healthy people, young and old. It is bottled water, which only proves its quality.

Spa treatment includes mineral water, hydrotherapy, mud therapy, electrotherapy, kinetic therapy, massage. There is a special treatment program “Beauty Care” which includes bioelectric face toning, complex cellulite therapy and “Bioptron” therapy. The guests have a gym, kinetic hall, a pool and “health paths” at their disposal.

What to See?

Worldwide natural phenomenon Djavolja Varos, pyramids made of earth with caps on their peaks.

How to Get There?

You can reach Prolom banja via Belgrade-Nis highway, and then using Nis-Rudare main road. It is 290 km away from Belgrade and 82 km from Nis.