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Users are required to read Terms of Use regularly and it is considered that, by continuous using of the Internet portal or any of its parts, they have been introduced to the current Terms of Use and that they have understood them wholly.

Illegal use of any part of the Portal is prohibited.

New Media d.o.o. Company provides using the contents of Internet portal in good faith. All visitors have the right to use the contents of Internet portal free, unless they violate Terms of Use. Internet portal consists of free contents, contents made by its employees, contributors, partners and advertisers, contents made by visitors and external links. Internet portal presents all its contents in good faith. Users use the Portal and all its contents at their own responsibility. Internet portal cannot be held responsible for any kind of damage produced by the use of the Portal.

There is no age restriction regarding the access to Internet portal.

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If one considers that has violated one’s copyrights, the case will be examined immediately and the disputed contents will be removed after establishing the authenticity of the complaint.

External Links contains external links. The links are on the Portal in good faith and cannot be held responsible for their contents.

Contributors protects the privacy of users to the greatest extent possible. obligates to use the data acquired from users in good faith and that the Portal will not distribute or sell the data to a third party unless obtained permission from the user. can, in accordance to the law, gather certain data about users given during their use of the Portal (computer data and Internet provider data only) or during the procedure of registration. use this data in order to obtain information about users, to improve the Portal and its contents and to aim it to a greater extent to its target group. The data is used so that would be able to know which contents are the most popular with what visitors. obligates to use the private data in such a manner where e-mail addresses and names, will not be sold or distributed without individual user’s permission, except the demographic data for a particular user group. Private data will not be disclosed. obligates to protect users’ privacy except in cases of heavy violations of Terms of Use or users’ illegal activities.

Visitors’ Photographs encourages the visitors to send the photographs they have made in order to enter the competition for the best photograph which will be posted on the Portal. This does not mean that only the photographs chosen by will be posted on the Portal. We suggest you not to request justification via e-mail in case your photograph was not chosen, since we will not be able to give you any reply.

The authors whose photographs are to be posted will be signed as they were signed in application form. The authors will not be notified about posting their photographs.

Since it is impossible to confirm authors’ authenticity Internet portal cannot be held responsible for authors’ credibility and any possible violation of copyrights. The responsibility is held by the author or sender of the photograph. We post the photographs in good faith assuming that the sender of the photograph is its author.

In case you have noticed a photograph that is copyrighted or that the author’s signature is invalid, please report these irregularities at New Media d.o.o. Company is not the owner of the photographs, but maintains the right to use them in its other programs or activities.