Plums – The Blue Gold of Serbia

Plums are the national fruit of Serbia, making this country one of the leading plum growers in the whole world. It is a well known fact that Serbia has about 40 million plum trees, which is the best indicator of how popular this fruit exactly is. Each year, around 500.000 tons of plums are produced, and the most prevailing sorts are: Cacak beauty, Stanley, Cacak fruitful plum, Valjevo plum, Pozega plum, Valery, The best Cacak plum, The early Cacak plum, Californian blue plum, and Cacak sugar plum.

Serbia cultivates huge quantities of plum, and every year at least one new sort is introduced into this world. Thanks to its ideal natural conditions, Serbia is indeed one of the best places for plum cultivation on the globe.

Plums dominate Serbian kitchen in every sense. Its fruits are used in production of Sljivovitz, the most famous Serbian brandy. Annual output of this brandy reaches about half a million litres. Dried plums, or prunes, are regarded as quite healthy and respected treats in Serbia, not to mention the fine jams and marmalades, or super tasty plum dumplings.

During the plum season, Serbia is colored in blue. The biggest areas covered by plum trees can be found in western Serbia and Sumadija. For centuries now, the towns of Cacak and Valjevo are, not only Serbian, but also European plum capitals.

Each year, as September approaches, thousands of people visit the Valjevo greater area in order to attend the biggest manifestation devoted to plum in Serbia. The plum fair in Osecina is of international character, where the best and the most delicious products of this blue Serbian gold are presented.