Perkov Salas

An upland oasis of peace and quiet in village Neradin Irig

Perkov Salas is situated on south slopes of Fruska Gora. Its ideal location, landscape, orchards, vineyards and pure air as well as the kindness and hospitality of its owner uncle Nikola attract many visitors.

Uncle Nikola was the host to the members of Karadjordjevic dinasty and is someone you must meet. Special attraction is a big collection of old photographs, old equipment and tools for cultivating land, old furniture and hand-made bed linen over two centuries old.

In its surroundings there is one of the oldest and the most beautiful monasteries in Serbia, Grgeteg with a church dedicated to St. Nicholas which treasures the miraculous icon of the Holy Mother with Three Hands that is a powerful Patron Saint of Fruska Gora and its monasteries.

This is a place where guests can taste a fine home-made brandy and varied kinds of home-made pastry they have never tasted before.