People of Serbia

Discover beauties of Serbia through its people. The Serbs are warm, friendly, honest and extremely hospitable people. Many great writers and travellers have had the chance to discover that.

Others About Serbian People

I feel here the warmth of the south! In the end they are all people here – People! The history of this country has followed only the glory! This country has suffered, lived, survived and remained right here, to stay here for good.
Gabriel Muie, great French Byzanthologist 1891.

The Serbs love their trees as the Swiss love their mountains as well as the Danes love the sea. Green curtain of folliage and branches spreads above the heads of the children playing. A branch has set its roots and if it is let to develop, it will grow daringly as one of the first royal trees of Europe.
R.G.D. Lafan, English writer 1917.

The Serbs believe beyond limits in their ability to compete with the achievements of the most powerful nations of the world.
Hans Christian Andersen, Danish writer 1824.

Among all modern Slavs, the Serbs have the purest and clearest dialect. Their rich and well-measured folk poetry surpasses all that is known to me in that field.

Serbian Beauty

Many have written about the beauty of Serbian women and looked at them with a sigh. Foreigners who have travelled around the world several times say that their eyes have never seen such beautiful women, and we believe them. Serbian women are considered to be among the most beautiful women in the world, which we are very proud of.