Niska Spa

Niska spa is situated at the foot of Koritnik, a part of Suva Planina mountain at 248 m above the sea level. Natural factors are: mild continental climate, thermal and mineral water, natural and mineral mud. Mineral water from 5 springs “Glavno vrelo“, “Suva Banja”, “Skolska cesma”, “Banjica” and “Pasjaca” are all so-called soil-alkaline homeothermes (36-38°C), mildly mineralized with 56 liters per second capacity. Nis Spa has 3 facilities “Radon”, “Zelengora” and “Terme” with state-of-the-art medical equipment used for rheumatic and cardiovascular diseases diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation and for orthopedic surgery treatments.

Medical and tourist facilities are situated in a 5 hectares park. Close to Nis Spa is park-forest Kosutnjak, with running tracks. Nis spa is an ideal place for preparation of trainings and competitions in team sports, since it has soccer, futsal, handball and tennis courts, a racecourse and a rifle range. There are also a library, art gallery, outdoor stage which become venues of many events within “Kulturno leto u Niškoj Banji” festival.

What to See?

The city of Nis, cultural and historical monuments: Mediana, Cele-kula, 18th century Nis Fortress, Cegar, Memorial Museum and WWII camp “Crveni krst”. Sicevacka Gorge – the attractive canyon of the Nisava River with its rare flora and fauna, Jelasinacka Gorge, a special nature preserve, Bojanine vode and Kamenicki vis.

Did You Know?

History: An ancient bath with two pools of colorful marble was built by the Romans. During Emperor Constantine reign, there was a bath with water coming from Nis spa in the imperial town of Mediana. In 1521 Nis Spa was a destination of rest of Turkish sultan Suleiman’s and his army on their way to conquer Belgrade. During the reign of Turks, there were separate baths for men and women and several facilities for the patients.

Several paragliding competitions take place in Nis spa – paragliders usually start from the slopes of Koritnik and land in Nis spa.

How to Get There?

Nis spa is situated in the southeast of Serbia, close to the Nis-Sofija main road. It is 10 km away from Nis and 250 km away from Belgrade.