Medjurecje – A Village Embraced by Rivers

Medjurecje is one of many villages that spread across the slopes of Mount Golija. Reaching the altitude 550 m, it is located between the rivers Moravica and Nosnica and belongs to the greater area of Ivanjica. For many decades now, the village has been successfully swimming in waters of countryside tourism. It is a resort of peace and quiet, blessed with an amazing landscape.

Its natives are truly experienced and kind hosts. Following the footsteps of their own tradition, they have been in the business of producing organic food for a long time. Organic honey, naturally preserved canned food and essential oils are a few of many items on their menu.

In addition to hiking and enjoying the environment, visitors may take part in various activities. In the village, there is a hunting lodge and a sports terrain. Medjurecje is an ideal fishing destination, for the rivers that embrace the village are full of the California rainbow trout. The highest peak of Mount Golija, known as the stone of Janko, pokes the skies at the altitude of 1.833 m, and offers a true challenge for all climbers. The whole mountain is covered with evergreen forests, springs and streams and has extraordinary ski tracks.

Medjurecje is merely a link in a big chain of villages tucked into the slopes of Golija. The villages of Lisa, Devici, Kusici, and Mace-Katici are also heavenly resorts for all those who appreciate the benefits of countryside tourism. A special feature of the area is the lake of Jelak, a natural phenomenon with respect to fluctuations in its water level. In dry periods the level increases, while during rainy periods it decreases.