Kragujevac – a Town in Serbia’s Heartland

Kragujevac is a town in the central part of Sumadija and Pomoravlje, regions known as Serbia’s heartland. It is situated 140 km south of Belgrade, and its name was derived from ‘kraguj’, which is a sort of a hawk, often hunted in the Medieval ages. Today the bird symbol proudly stands on the town’s coat of arms. Ever since the 15th century, Kragujevac has been developing gradually, only to reach its golden times between 1818 and 1841, when duke Milos Obrenovic declared it the capital of Serbia.

Today, this town is a place that offers lots of fun. Aside from numerous restaurants, cafés and night clubs, it has a rich tourist offer, composed of historical and cultural monuments and various manifestations. Recently, the town is home to quite an attraction, the Aquarium “Kragujevac”, the first public aquarium in Serbia. Its collection consists of more than 600 animal and herbal species.

Cultural and Historic Sights

The “Milosev venac” complex, “Saborna crkva” – the new cathedral, Memorial park “21. oktobar”, the National museum, the “Joakim Vujic“ theatre, the “Vuk Karadzic“ national library, the “Stara topolivnica“ museum, the “21. Oktobar“ museum. The list also includes numerous art galleries.

It is no wonder, Kragujevac was labeled as “the first in Serbia”. Indeed, it rightfully carries the title, for it was the first capital (1818), and a place where the first courthouse (1820), the first high school (1833), the first theatre (1835), the first lyceum-the predecessor of the University of Belgrade (1838), the first electric power plant (1884) were built, and a place where the first cannons were produced (1853).


The international Jazz festival, The international festival of anti-war caricature, The international choirs festival, OKTOH – a festival dedicated to the “October” of Kragujevac, The international festival of accordion, “Joakimfest” the festival of professional theatres, “Zlatna iskra” the international puppeteers festival.

The Children’s carnival, the “Bike show” – an event attended by motorbike riders of Serbia, the “Fica fest” – dedicated to a FIAT vehicle popularly known as “fica”, The international dog exhibition CACIB and many others.

Kragujevac Surroundings

While in Kragujevac, visiting one of the most favorite picnic sites of local people, an artificial lake situated in Sumarice is a must!

Discover Kragujevac – a town in Serbia’s heartland!