Kostunici – A Village Frozen in Time

The village of Kostunici is tucked into the slopes of the Suvobor mountain, and belongs to the Gornji Milanovac municipality. Quite often and due to its geographical position, it is referred to as the only true eco-village in Serbia, since the Suvobor region is one of very few destinations left intact by the hand of civilization.

When it comes to gifts of nature, this village is truly blessed. Crystal clear streams and all-natural products made by hard-working hands of its people, are hard to find these days. In Kostunici there are also several households that offer authentic Serbian accommodation to those who seek the escape from modern life’s quick pace or to those who just happen to stumble upon this beautiful village.

Some of the sights of Kostunici village are: a serbian ethno-house filled with genuine art work of its knitters and weavers. The Prodanovica magaza, a 120 years old ethno-museum and a permanent exhibition of Boza Prodanovic’s art pieces. There is also a historical museum, dedicated to general Zivojin Misic and the battle of Kolubara.

This village hosts two significant events: the “Vidovdan celebration in Kostunici” (around the 25th of June), and “The plum days” (beginning of October).

The village of Kostunici is surrounded by the gorgeous Suvobor mountain, where the famous Ravna gora can be found. It is a plateau filled with beech tress and endless pastures. Ravna gora gave birth to the rivers of Mala Bukovaca, Graba and Ponora and it is also home to the Mokra (wet) and Suva (dry) caves. On the plateau, there is a mountain house, the Draza Mihajlovic monument, St. George church and the ”Babina glava” (grandma’s head) observation deck.