Kikinda – A Town of Kika the Mammoth

Kikinda lies in the north-eastern part of Vojvodina, in Banat, close to border with Romania. This typical Pannonian town is surrounded by vast fields and sleeps on traces of past times and old civilizations. It is a treasury of numerous proofs that humans walked these grounds so far as 7.000 years ago.

The most special feature of Kikinda are fossil bones discovered in 1996, the remains of a gigantic prehistoric animal that lived on this soil 500.000 years ago. These bones belong to a mammoth today known as „Kika“ or the mammoth of Kikinda. Kika’s skeleton is almost entirely preserved and represents a tourist attraction of great value, which captures the eye of every visitor that steps into Kikinda’s National museum.

Apart from the mammoth, both tourists and locals have the pleasure to witness an event dedicated to pumpkin, the very queen of Vojvodina’s fields. “The days of pumpkin” are held every year, in the middle of October, accompanied by tunes of Vojvodina and delicious food of Vojvodina’s cuisine. It is the time when pumpkin pies and other not-so-common dishes are served.

Cultural and Historic Sights

The National museum of Kikinda (1946), „Terra“ – a center of painting and visual arts (1982), „Suvaca“ – an old mill run by horse power and built in 1899, Saint Nicholas church (1769), The chapel in Vodice (1865), The „Jovan Popovic“ national library (1845), The Carnojevic family mausoleum in Rusko Selo.


The days of pumpkin, “Terra” – an international sculpture symposium, “Kikinda short” – a festival of short stories, “The Mammoth fest”, “The Geese fest” in Mokrin (goose fights under UNESCO’s protection) and “The Easter egg-cracking fest” in Mokrin.

Kikinda Surroundings

The area around Kikinda is packed with picnic and leisure sites. There are a natural reserve and a natural memorial monument near the salas of Simic. Numerous hunting grounds and the lake of Kikinda are also nearby. For recreational purposes visit the “Jezero” sport centre.

Discover Kikinda – a town of Kika the mammoth!