Kanjiza – A “Wellness” Town

Kanjiza is located in the north-eastern corner of Backa, where Serbia and Hungary meet. This bordering little town is famous for its spa resort and a picturesque environment, a true remedy for body and soul. The secret of Kanjiza and at the same time its very essence lies in its silence, its national park, the river Tisa, and hospitability of its people.

In addition to numerous events that take place in Kanjiza and its abundant tourist offer, there is a unique natural phenomenon that stands out, a magnificent attraction that can only be described as one of nature’s magical acts. The phenomenon happens each summer and is referred to as the blooming of the river Tisa. Namely, the bed of this river is a hiding spot of an insect called “the flower of Tisa“. The insect can be found nowhere else in the whole wide world, while here, every year, it does a spectacular and enchanting performance.

Cultural and Historic Sights

Kanjiza’s town hall (1912), „The spa of a miraculous well“ – the old spa building (1913), The Castle of Count Kárász (18th century), The Catholic church (1768), The Serbian Orthodox temple (18th century), „Cnesa″ – an educational and cultural institution, The „József Attila″ library, The „Nagy József“ regional art studio.


The trick-or-treating days, The days of film, The Kanjiza Cup – an international dance festival for children, „It is nicer together“ – a children’s festivals, The international film festival, The festival of gastronomy, The athletic and swimming marathon, The international kayak regatta, The art colony of literary authors, The festival of tobacco, The harvest days, The festival of corn, The festival of honey, The festival of brandy, Vojvodina Open – and international dancing competition, „We are also a part of the world“ – the day of physically disabled people.

Kanjiza Surroundings

This beautiful town is a true leader when it comes to wellness and spa tourism, which exsists here for a whole century. The nearby river Tisa and lavish hunting grounds make Kanjiza exceptionally attractive. Within the municipality, there is also a nature reserve called “Selevenjske pustare”, while „Jaras″, a vast pasture, contains a fish pond „Kapetanski rit″, which is also a habitat of rare nesting birds.

Discover Kanjiza – a “wellness” town!