Kanjiza Spa – One of the Best

The Kanjiza spa indeed has a strong reputation mainly due to its 90 year old tradition. This spa offers therapeutic treatments with mineral water and healing mud.

Kanjiza lies on the right bank of the river Tisa in the north Backa region, thus being very close to Hungarian border. The spa and its surrounding area both provide a perfect ambient suitable for a high-quality vacation and relaxation. It is situated in a big park, 87 meters above sea level and has a continental climate with warm summers and cold winters.

Its thermal and mineral waters are actually hypothermal, with temperatures ranging between 51°C and 72°C and contain sodium, hydro carbonates, iodine, bromine and sulfides. The spa’s health treatments also include therapy with a sort of healing mud called peloid. Thermal springs are used for healing numerous rheumatic diseases and in postoperative recovery.

What to See?

Picnics in Subotica, the Palic lake and the “Zobnatica” horse-farm are also a possibility.

Interesting Facts:

The river Tisa is surrounded by a park with walking paths, and the very river is suitable for water sports and fishing. The nearby hunting grounds offer the chance of going after all sorts of game.

How to Get There?

Kanjiza’s distance from Subotica is 40 kilometers and from Novi Sad 120 kilometers. It can be reached via Belgrade-Novi Sad-Subotica-Horgos highway or Belgrade-Subotica railway.