Ivanjica – The “Air-Spa” Town

The town of Ivanjica was established in 1833 in south-western Serbia. This little town lies in a picturesque valley surrounded by gorgeous ranges of Golija, Javor, Mucanj and Cemernica mountains.

In the beginning of the new millenium, thanks to its invigorating characteristics and pure preserved natural surroundings, composed of thick forests, Ivanjica was declared an air spa. This therapeutic town is also a famous potato growing region.

But, the most inviting attraction of Ivanjica would be the cave of Hadzi-Prodan. So far, 400 meters of the cave have been investigated. It was concluded that this cave is a true archaeological treasure, since many valuable prehistoric items were recovered from its tunnels.

Cultural and Historic Sights

St. Emperor Constantine and Empress Jelena’s church (1836), The stone bridge on the river Moravica (1904), Power plant on the river Moravica with a beautiful waterfall, the symbol of Ivanjica (1911), The General Draza Mihajlovic monument (1893-1946), The Lazarica church (1911) and the grave of a Serbian folk hero, Bosko Jugovic, The Kovilje Monastery (12th century), The Pridvorica Monastery, The Major Ilic monument on the Javor mountain (1907), Adzija’s church (1909) and of course the cave of Hadzi-Prodan.


The assembly of hunters held on Golija (March), Easter street race „The Cica Kalusevic memorial“, “The sounds of Golija, Javor and Mucanj” (May), The moto fest of Ivanjica (June), The festival of authentic Serbian folk songs (August), The memorial volleyball tournament „Tomo Vuckovic“ (August), The Ivanjica potato exhibition (November).

Ivanjica Surroundings

The Golija Mountain – a biosphere reserve under UNESCO’s protection and a true beauty among mountains, covered with thick forests. Its snow-capped terrains are ideal for winter sports. Golija is a famous hunting and fishing resort as well. Within Golija there are the Ticar lake, the Okruglica lake, created in 1974, after the earthquaqe in Romania and the Kosanin lake. Don’t miss gorgeous waterfalls of the river Izubra, or the Javor Mountain, also a true natural beauty, and of course, the Hadzi-Prodan’s cave.

Discover Ivanjica – the “air-spa” town!