Irig – The Throne of Monasteries and Vineyards of Fruska Gora

Irig town within the Fruska gora national park. Its surrounding area is actually one big vineyard, which combined with the vineyards of Sremski Karlovci, Ilok, Sid and Slankamen, composes an extraordinary winegrowing region. The municipality of Irig consists of ten other settlements: Vrdnik, Jazak, Rivica, Satrinci, Krusedol village, Krusedol prnjavor, Neradin, Grgeteg, Mala Remeta and Velika Remeta.

Next to the remarkable wine cellar, Irig can rightfully be proud of its rich cultural heritage, where the first Serbian reading room certainly stands out. Nevertheless, numerous monasteries scattered around Irig are its true gems and reasons why this land may be considered sacred and perfect for pilgrimages.

Cultural and Historic Sights

Monasteries: Vrdnik – Ravanica, Krusedol, Hopovo, The old Hopovo, Grgeteg, Velika Remeta, Mala Remeta and Jazak, Sretenjska church in the village of Krusedol, St. Nicholas church, St. Theodore Tiron church, The chruch of Virgin Mary’s assumption in Irig, The house of Milica Stojadinovic-Srpkinja in Vrdnik, St. Nicholas and St. George churches in Jazak, The watermill in Rivica, St. Nicholas church in Neradin.


The Assembly of Librarians of Srem, The International festival of tourist, environmental and sport film, The Dositej Obradovic fest, The Fruska gora marathon, The Watermelon festival, The Wine festival in Rivica, The Tomato fest in Neradin.

Irig Surroundings

The entire Irig municipality is one big picnic site. The trees, streams and slopes of Fruska gora are a true paradise on earth. Vrdnik is a widely known spa resort and a pleasant rehab center, while the mineral water of Jazak is, by recognized water quality standards, regarded as one of the healthiest and safest waters in whole Europe.

Discover Irig – the throne of monasteries and vineyards of Fruska gora!