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Important Things You Should Know Before Investing in Serbia

Serbia is a land of new business opportunities in the very center of Europe.

Family Paunovic offers to the potential investors the possibility of a joint venture for the construction of the tourist board facility (farm) in the village Grgeteg, municipality Irig on Fruska Gora. Land is located directly on the Fruska Gora National Park, only 200 meters from the Monastery Grgeteg – 16th century. Monastery Grgeteg is one of the most beautiful in Fruska Gora out of 16, Eight monasteries belong to the municipality Irig.

The Subject of Investments

  • Construction of the boarding house on the land area of 3.2 ha
  • The main building area of 974.05 m2
  • Economic objects of 208 m2
  • Additional facilities of 200 m2


  • Preliminary and main project as well as all the necessary approval and permits to start construction.
  • General information: Location is directly next to the road of the village Grgeteg and has developed infrastructure, electricity, water, phone. Construction is envisaged in 2 phases

Phase I – First phase of construction:

  • The main object with the wine cellar, restaurant and a board of 8 apartments
  • Area of premises: Total net P = 816.98 m2, and total gross P = 974.05 m2
  • Materials for the construction are natural stone, wood, cane
  • Salas requires: fence, road, grassland
  • Water-cooler,Additional facilities for accommodation of agricultural equipment, stables for horses, down for the sheep and goats, chicken coop

All facilities are in the function of providing food and accommodation for guests in order to promote the overall tourist offer of Irig municipality and villages Grgeteg and Neradin. The aim is to develop tourist destination with existing potential for religious, rural, ethnic, hunting, agri, eco and sports tourism.

Srem – Tuscany of South East Europe

The cradle of wine and vineyards in Serbia

232 B.C. the Roman Emperor Aurelius Marko planted the first grape in Srem and started the era of wine and vineyards in this region. Srem is known for wine, quality domestic producers, organic, healthy food. It is also known for sheep breeding, pasture, orchards, peace.

Cultural and historical heritage monasteries

In immediate vicinity of the location is the famous Monastery Krušedol. It celebrates 5 centuries of existence, Monasteries old and new Hopovo. On the mountain Fruska Gora there is a total of 16 Orthodox monasteries which are a cultural and historical phenomenon. Fruska Gora is known as Holy Mountain. From a total of 16 even 8 monasteries are located in the municipality of Irig.

Fruska Gora National Park from 1960 Year

Mountain with only 500 m above sea level extends to 25 525 square kilometers. There are numerous archaeological sites, excursions, places for recreation. Irig as a tourist destination has a weak accommodation capacity, which is in favor of this investment.

365 Days of Tourism – Characteristics of Grgeteg as a Tourist Destination

  • Continuity of tourist visits is in constant increase
  • 150 thousand visitors on an annual basis
  • Rich cultural and historical heritage- Monasteries
  • Village Grgeteg and Neradin are villages known for fruits, wine yards, wine culture and livestock breeding, especially sheep
  • Untouched nature line with national park, orchards, vineyards
  • Numerous opportunities for rest and recreation
  • Green destination, there are no environment pollutants in the area
  • Traditional events Patližanijada (tomato day), Pudarski dani (Days of wine-growers)


Monastery Grgeteg -16th century, has the miraculous icon of Our Lady Holy Madonna “Trojerucica” patroness of Fruška Gora and all of its monasteries. Perkov farm in the village Neradin 2 km. Vrdnik spa, excursion Iriški Venac, dragon tree, lakes Bankovci, Dobrodol and Borkovac. Excellent hunting. Food and drink, also famous good local food and wine. Local manufacturers in the circle of 30 km.

Environment and Connections to the Crossroads

Airport Nikola Tesla Belgrade 50 km. Good connections with 2 highway E 75 Beograd Budapest, E 70 Beograd Zagreb Ljubljana15 km. The proximity of the two biggest cities in Serbia.The capital city of Serbia Belgrade 65 km

Novi Sad capital of Vojvodina region 30 km. Sremski Karlovci town known for wine and history in only 20 km.

Golf courses Ada Ciganlija- Belgrade. Golf course and exclusive complex in the village of Becmen.

Model of Partnenrship and Value of the Investment

Model of partnership Concession, JV , Time Share, Value of the investment I phase from 250.000 eur