Gostoljublje – A Village in a Village

Gostoljublje, with surrounding ethno villages, belongs to a much larger project known as the Eco village. It is situated within the village of Mionica, on the slopes of Divcibare and at the height of 550 meters. This particular ethno village occupies the area of about 11 ha, and is actually a household designed to serve the needs of countryside tourism and production of healthy food.

The entire village is one fascinating highland attraction made of traditional Serbian houses, including a house that is about 200 years old. Such a house is known as Vajat.

It is a wooden structure, equipped in the spirit of Serbian tradition that provides a perfect comfort, especially after numerous activities each tourist has on their disposal while staying in Gostoljublje. Visitors may immerse themselves into the unknown waters of preparing Serbian dishes, fruit collecting or doing some serious farm work.

In addition to providing an active holiday and an insight into life of Serbian countrymen, this area was blessed with amazing natural features composed of enchanting woods, fields, pathways, peaks, springs and streams. On every day basis, tourists may enjoy long walks along marked paths, which all meet at one point, somewhere on the Subjel hill. According to a local legend, this hill holds a lost treasure, which makes it a special attraction and a challenge for every adventurer.

During summer, visitors may find refreshment at a popular picnic site, known as the Skakavacki waterfalls, where „The Days of countryside tourism“ happen annually. Or, they can visit the mountain and spa resort of Divcibare, famous for its healing capacities.