Golubac Fortress

Town of Golubac – a medieval fortress

Golubac is a town of great architecture where its rich cultural, centuries long heritage is present in each corner, wall or its tower. This medieval fortress is situated in National park Djerdap on the high cliffs at the place where the Danube narrows.

The first written documents about the Fortress date from the war between Serbian emperor Dusan and Hungarian king Robert of Anjou. Golubac had been a refuge of Hungarian rulers for a long time, but it often attracted Serbian and later Turkish conquerors. Golubac was under Turkish rule from 1427. until 1867. with periodical interruptions. Besides the Fortress of Golubac, this city is full of attractive historical monuments. It is near Lepenski Vir and they together make a whole attractive for tourists.

The town of Golubac is well-known among those who love sport fishing. Because of strong winds and the width of the Danube here, it is also the sailing center of Serbia with the best river sailing conditions in Europe.