Fortress in Bac

The fortress in Bac, a former military stronghold of powerful Hungarian and Turkish rulers has been in ruins since three centuries ago. However it is still impressive. This valuable monument of medieval culture was erected by the Hungarians in XI century and their king Karlo Robert of Anjou enlarged it in XIV century so it could resemble in form the edifices in French Gothic style.

The city and the Fortress lived their Renaissance in the late XV century when Bishop Petar Varadi stayed here and renovated the city. However, he also widened the Mostonga river to enable the boats to reach the Fortress.

Soon after Turkish victory over Hungarian army in the battle of Mohacs in 1526, the Turks took over the Fortress kept it in their domain until 1686. It was badly damaged during the Rakoci’s Uprising in 1705. With time, the Mostonga river dried out.

Bac is worth visiting for its Fortress and the Franciscan monastery, Ortodox monastery Bodjani, lake Provala and the only Turkish bath in Vojvodina.