Ethno Villages

Clustered around a church or winding around a curved dusty road, ethno villages are the embodiment of Serbian life. The term ‘ethno village’ refers to a place that shelters ethnic heritage of a nation and successfully resists seemingly inevitable, time-imposed changes. Serbian ethno villages are true national treasures, where the essence of Serbia rests captured and intact.

These villages are authentic in every sense of that word. To a curious eye, they will reveal the well-preserved Serbian architecture, cuisine, tradition and customs, while old tales, myths and legends will inspire and satisfy any adventure-hungry ear.

Experience the spirit of Serbia!


Village Ljubis in which you fall in love


“Wooden town” – ethno village founded by Emir Kusturica


A rural guardian of Serbian heritage


A highland attraction on the footsteps of Serbian tradition


An enchanting village of wine and legends in Serbia’s heartland


A true gem of Banat known for its windmill and Misa the bear